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Dong Mei – Chongqing Escort & Massage Girl

Age: 24, Height: 169 cm (5’6″), Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs.), Bust: 34DD / Natural

Guys like sports right? Girls that are in good shape are so hot right?

I am in good shape! I love sports. I have very fit body. I care for myself very much so I am pretty girl and very sexy body - all natural and very perfect.

I can make all my clients very pleased with so good massages and my girlfriend time is the best - very private - very intimate - and the real me - I also do good services for ladies too - I very much enjoy women as much as men customers.

For contacting me just scan the weChat code and add me - let's talk - let's meet - let's make good memories.

WeChat: z456383
WhatsApp: +86 13918142846
Phone: +86 13916976104


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